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I am Lajos Tompa, I'm a teacher. My wife Edit is a teacher too. We have tought our sons, Csaba and Máté, and all of our students through the past 30 years the love and respect of animals. It was natural to us, just like the fact that we've always been surrounded by them.

At the moment we have a lot of animals. Different kind of parrots, fishes, turtles, tarantulas, rabbits, rodents, pigeons, hens and pheasants. This is what we call life.

And dogs of course! They are our partners in friendship and games.

We moved to a house with a garden in 1998. That year we got the 3 years old Cuki the smooth fox terrier and Shony the berni cub. Juckó was born in the spring of 2000 in Tolna. We chose her on purpose. Samu the wire-haired dachshund male arrived in the autumn of 2005.

There were times when we could welcome newcomers and little cubs but we had to say goodbye to old friends. Shony was gone in november 2006, she has been irreplaceable ever since.

We got Carmen in the spring of 2008 from our friend Norbert Papdi - Carmen is the granddaughter of our dog Juckó - with this we committed ourself to wire-haired dachshunds for good.

In January 2009 Cuki left us forever. But Müzli, the parson russel terrier arrived. She is just like a perpetual-motion machine and brings fresh vibes to our yard.

Through the past decade we got a lot of happiness and joy from our dogs. We have raised a lot of beautiful cubs and we made many firends who care for animals. It is always nice to get feedback from a cub who was born here and lives in a loving family.

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